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Coolmax™ - Ergo  series  Memory Foam  is made from a unique material composed of billions of spherical shaped, with its  Viscoelastic property together with the temperature sensitivity allows the material to becomes ofter and more pliable in warmer areas where our body make the most contact with the surface, while remaining firm in cooler areas where less contact is made, so this remarkably material senses and responds to our body temperature with its open cells structure, heat doesn't build-up and we never feel upleasantly warm.
Coolmax™ - Ergo  series  Memory Foam ,  with its  Breathable open cells structure, it can conforms exactly to the shape of our body and distributes pressure evenly over the entire supported surface. By absorbing and evenly distributing our body weight proportionately over the entire surface, these materials are able to virtually eliminating the pressure points and promote excellent blood circulation. In terms of reduce the tension and stress of your lower back, maintains correct posture allowing for comfortable sitting while driving ; studying ; working at office / home especially for pregnant woman, so it can minimize pressure and reduce the pain and numbness after long of use.
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