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Coolmax™ products are made with the Breathable Fabric Technology material, which tiny pores on the surface provide maximum ventilation and easily release heat trapped within the car seat.

This enhanced thermal dissipation has the added benefit of reducing chills in cold weather. The overall effect provides users with cooler, drier feeling fabrics in summer and warmer backing in winter.

While helping to keep you cool, the fully Breathable Fabric Technology material in Coolmax™ product also keeps out dust mites and repel moisture. Liquid spills slide off the surface making cleaning as easy as wiping the stains off your seat.

Coolmax™ products are complemented with Antimicrobial treated against bacterial and fungal growth, which guarantees you the best Antimicrobial protection currently available on the market.

Antimicrobial works in the following ways :
• Controlling algae, bacteria, fungi, mould, mildew and yeast.
• Preventing fabric rot and staining.
• Preventing unpleasant odours.
• Preventing health concerns ranging from simple discomfort to physical irritation, allergic sensitization, toxic
  responses, infection and diseases raised due to the presence of microbes.

Antimicrobial 's unique, patented technology bonds directly with the surface being treated, ensuring a shield against microbial growth that last as long as the product it protects. The primary treatment material, Antimicrobial , contains no heavy metals, formaldehyde or phenols, which is registered with the EPA and EU regulatory authorities.

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